Representative Mike Ball has agreed to handle SB192 on the floor of the House. Our bill will be introduced with a substitute pending. (pdf of the substitute).

The substitute favored by the House Committee on Economic Development and Tourism must be approved by the full House, so a motion to adopt the substitute will come first. This is typically noncontroversial, so expect a quick vote.

There is no BIR because the legislature has passed both state budgets, so the motion will immediately be for final passage.

There may be some debate on the bill. After what happened to the homebrew bill this year, I hope you all take the time to contact your representatives and ask them to support SB192.  I know we passed the Senate pretty easily, but the homebrew bill passed the Senate pretty easily last year as well. SB192 should be easier because it’s a jobs bill, but we need to make sure our legislators know that.