All of you who have been keeping an eye on our News Page ( already know that HB354, The Homebrewing Legalization Bill, was reported favorably by the House Economic Development & Tourism Committee last week, and is now awaiting a full vote in the House.

The next steps are for all of our supporters from across Alabama to email each of the House Representatives requesting them to vote yes for HB354. Yes, we need you to contact ALL of the representatives within the next two weeks!

To make this task easier for you, we have created a web page that will allow you to copy and paste all of the representatives’ email addresses into one email message, or to click two links to fill in the addresses for you. Just go to, and follow the easy instructions there.

Our bill’s sponsor would like to show the rest of representatives that there are a lot of us in the state, and that we are normal, decent people who just want the right to enjoy a hobby like the citizens of 48 other states already do. The success of our bill hinges on your taking a few minutes to do this! Thanks for your support.