I received this email from Right to Brew…

Big news! HB354, the Homebrewing Legalization Bill, is scheduled for an Alabama House vote this Tuesday! It is now on all of us to convince them to vote yes.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our email campaign a couple of weeks ago! An amazing number of emails were sent to the representatives, and they definitely got the message. Now they need a reminder. Everyone needs to return to our email campaign web page (http://www.alahomebrewing.org/house-email-campaign), and use the tools there to help you easily send a short email message to all of the representatives. It should be just a very short message asking them to vote yes on HB354. Let them know how many of us there are in Alabama! This needs to be done Monday to give them a chance to see your email, so time is of the essence.

Equally important, it is up to each of us to convince our own individual representative to support HB354. As a constituent, your representative will listen to your voice. Given the short time before the vote, a phone call is the best way to get your opinion to him/her. Go to http://www.alahomebrewing.org/contact-your-representatives to see how to get your representative’s phone number, and give a quick call on Monday, or Tuesday morning at the latest.

The third thing you can do to encourage the House to pass our bill is to sit in the House gallery and quietly watch the debate and vote. Our bill’s sponsor, Rep. Mac McCutcheon, wants to point out all of the homebrewers there to the rest of the House before the vote. We need numbers for that to be effective! Besides bolstering the representatives’ confidence to vote yes, your being there will make it less likely for opponents to toss unfounded insults about us in the debate, such as one last year saying that homebrewers are “trashy people”. If you can make it to the Alabama House of Representatives Tuesday afternoon at 1:00 pm, please do! The address of the House is:

11 South Union Street
Montgomery, AL 36130

Thank you for your help! The House vote is a tough one, as was evident by their defeating our bill last year. Please help convince them to pass it this year!