Gourmet Bottle Bill

To all of those who have been contacting Governor Bentley expressing your support for the Gourmet Bottle Bill (SB294)…THANK YOU!

But we are still only two-thirds of the way to our goal of making the GBB a state law.

If you have not contacted the Governor’s office please do so. If you have contacted his office then tell your friends and family that we need their help as well.

Contacting his office takes less than 60 seconds. Just give them your name, where you live and that you would like Governor Bentley to sign Senate Bill 294 into law.

You can contact the Governor via email through his website or by phone/fax.

I cannot stress enough how important it is for you to contact Governor Bentley expressing your support for SB294. We are almost there and we need your help to cross the finish line.

Homebrewing Update

The homebrewing bill only has one more day to get a vote before the 2012 legislative session ends. If the bill is not brought up this Wednesday then the homebrew bill will die. Please contact Senator Jabo Waggoner (Rules Committee Chairperson) at jabo.waggoner@alsenate.gov or 334-242-7892 and Senator Del Marsh (President Pro Tempore) at philip.bryan@alsenate.gov (Chief of Staff) or 334-242-7877. Ask them politely to put HB354, the Alabama Homebrew Bill, on the Senate Calendar for a vote.