This morning, the Alabama ABC Board approved Emergency Rule 20-X-6-.19ER Emergency Hours of Operation. This new rule implements a mandatory “last call” throughout the state of Alabama.

  • No on-premise sales permitted as of 11:00 PM
  • No on-premise consumption permitted as of 11:30 PM
  • Violations could result in a suspension of license

These new restrictions are only targeted for “on-premise” sales and consumption where the customer is drinking at the establishment such as at a brewery tasting room or bar.

The original version of the emergency rule called for a 10:00 PM last call, but the ABC Board amended it before approval. The amendment was based on feedback from owners throughout the state.

The new rule is effective Saturday August 1, 2020. The expiration is set to the “default” 120 days for emergency rules, but the ABC Board Chairperson said in a statement release today that they “will relieve this restriction as soon as possible.”

This is the second emergency rule issued by the Alabama ABC Board in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. In March, the ABC issued an emergency rule to allow curbside sales, which has since been extended to September 15.

We encourage you to provide us with feedback as we consider how we engage the ABC in the future. The best way to send us feedback is through our Contact page.

Edited to add information on the effective date and expiration date of the emergency rule.