A big part of what we do is teach the public about the wonders of craft beer!

Beer Festivals

Our main public outreach events are our two major beer festivals – Magic City Brewfest in Birmingham and Rocket City Brewfest in Huntsville. These are massive undertakings planned and executed by local chapters for their respective communities. Both festivals have grown over the years to showcase the best craft beers to thousands of people!

Tastings, Beer Dinners and More

We also often work with local breweries and retail establishments to help promote and participate in smaller events like beer tastings and beer dinners. Over the years, our efforts have helped Alabama develop a business community around craft beer. We are always interested in working with these businesses to help educate their customers.

Training and Certifications

We want you to know and understand the wondrous complexities of beer: its history, why the balance of ingredients like malt and hops changes the flavor, how to tell the difference between a lager and a pale ale, how beer should be served, and how best to enjoy it. We work with organizations like the Beer Judge Certification Program and the Cicerone Certification Program by supporting training sessions and testing locations.